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Buy Ibogaine HCL Online

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Ibogaine HCL is a powerful alkaloid found in the root bark of the Iboga plant. Ibogaine is used to treat addictions. It has been used for centuries in Africa by native tribesmen to cure addictions and eliminate withdrawal symptoms when stopping an addiction cold turkey. When used in combination with other traditional African medicines such as iboga root bark powder

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Our Ibogaine HCL Powder is made from the extract of the Iboga plant and is purified to at least 98% total alkaloids. Ibogaine HCL is one of the more popular hallucinogens and has only one small molecule:

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Ibogaine HCL is a psychoactive drug that induces hallucinogenic effects such as those experienced with LSD or psilocybin. It has been used in many cultures as part of religious rituals, but it also can be used recreationally by those who are looking for an intense trip.

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